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Low Pressure

A speciality of Lawday Engineering. Our in depth knowledge and experience of design and manufacture of Low Pressure Diecast Tooling puts the company at the forefront of the UK market.

As with all of our tooling, each project is fully designed in house on our SolidWorks 3D design software. Customers are provided with paper and electronic copies of our designs to inspect, with the E-Drawing 3D viewing providing outstanding opportunities for clients to easily analyse and understand our designs.

Manufacture takes place on our suite of CNC machinery with all cutting processes programmed and controlled by our suite of Machining Strategist CAM Software. All holes are drilled via DNC command from our software thus eliminating any issues tranferring drawing info to the NC control.

Low Pressure tooling can be manufactured in a number of materials and Lawday are happy to advise customers on both the options and the best case solution.